Differences Between Typeface and Fonts

When you are writing an article or writing your thesis, there is one important thing you should consider, and that is fonts. Fonts are the type of alphabetical style that you want to use in your documents, and there is typeface too. In this article, we would show you the difference between typeface and fonts, and show you some of the best signature fonts to use for each document.

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Differences between Typeface and Fonts

Most people think that Typeface is the same as fonts, and both of them are synonymous, however, they are two different things. Now, we are going to explain to you the differences between typeface and fonts, and also explain the best way to implement both of them.

Typeface refers to a particular style of document lettering, while a font refers to variations and the typeface of the alphabets or numbers it uses, like the size and weight of each alphabet. The simple way to understand these two is that a typeface is generally a set of fonts with common same aesthetic qualities, like size, styling, and weight for each alphabet.

Description of Typeface

Most of the time, when people refer to fonts, they actually refer to typeface, but the title is stuck, and people still call it with font, like with the Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica, so they are not a font, but typeface. For the sake of simplicity, many people however still referring this as a font.

The typeface is essentially the design features for each font, with a particular weight, height, and style of each lettering, down to alphabets and numbering. Other things such as the serif, height, width, and aesthetic embellishment are also aspects of the typeface.

Fonts Description

Fonts in themselves are a specific way of defining what kind of text you use, and the styling you use for the lettering. The font is specific, which means the size, and weight of the typeface is the font in general. There are also several different variations, and types of fonts, with some of the best signature fonts for specific use.

Generally speaking, fonts vary from the typeface, as it is a more specific use for size, weight, width, italics, bolds, and many other factors.

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