4 Most Common Mistakes When Buying a New Motorcycle

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When you decide to buy a new motorbike, it turns out that there are many things that we must pay attention to. Because many mistakes are made by new motorcycle buyers when buying a motorcycle.

For example, you want to have a Honda grom sidecar but the roads or the area where you live do not support this vehicle. Of course, this is a mistake you make when buying a new motorbike.

Mistakes When Buying a New Motorcycle

Here are some mistakes that are often made by new motorcycle buyers:

  1. Ignoring Your Skills

This is most often done by new buyers. Because they see people around them using good motorbikes, we also want to have them.

Moreover, there are many choices of motorbikes that have high specifications and must be driven with high skill. Often, we prefer style to buy a motorbike according to our expertise.

If you have a dream motorbike, there’s nothing wrong with buying it. But you must first improve your skills when driving it.

  1. Unsuitable Specifications

The next mistake that is most often made is buying a motorbike without looking at the specifications just because you want to imitate someone else’s motorbike. When buying a motorbike, we must see whether the specifications of the motorbike are following our expertise, the streets where we live and others.

For example, you want to buy a Honda grom sidecar but the roads in your area don’t support it, then this is a mistake you made.

If you want to buy a grom sidecar, you need to live in an area that has good roads and safe terrain. Because you can bring your favorite animal or friend to sit next to your motorbike.

  1. Don’t Try the Vehicle When You First Buy It

Even if you buy a used motorbike, it would be better if you try it first. Or if you buy it at a dealer, you can try to ride it.

The purpose of trying it the first time is to adjust to your body. Often, we buy a motorcycle but our bodies are not comfortable.

Also check if you can reach the clutch, brake, or other. Also, pay attention to the riding position whether you are comfortable or not.

Don’t be too excited to buy a motorbike that you don’t feel comfortable using while riding. Because driving comfort is the main key to safety.

  1. Not Knowing How to Care

Maintenance is something that is often overlooked when buying a new motorbike. Even though you can ask the salesperson regarding the maintenance of the motorbike you are going to buy.

If you don’t know how to take care of your motorbike, then you will have a lot of problems. For example, you buy a Honda grom sidecar but you don’t ask how it is maintained.

Then there can be many problems such as brakes, seats and other things that need attention. This mistake is most often made because you feel you can take care of your vehicle.