About FOTL


Historically—and even now—underrepresented communities, especially people of color, have little or no say in decisions and policies that affect or potentially benefit them. Put simply, we are often the missing voices, the ignored perspectives, and the absent narratives, where both small and big decisions are made.

What, then, can we do to effect change on issues that affect us? What can we really do to create new possibilities for causes we care deeply about? How do we shift our roles from being mere observers to being active leaders, stepping up to discover our own solutions and to make change? AIS FOTL Project is a grassroots response to those defining questions!

Funded by a 2013 Bush Foundation Community Innovation grant, the FOTL Project facilitates and transforms community learning and reflection into action and change.

How Does It Work?

Community members identify and join cohorts of their interests. Our cohort/team is a group of people with similar interests working to find and to apply creative solutions to an issue or to a couple of related issues within a defined period. Each cohort/team sets goals, assigns roles, and establishes a realistic timeframe for producing outcomes.

It is not necessary for you to show up as an expert. No expertise is needed to join a team/cohort. All you need is a passion and a desire to make change. Our cohorts/teams are a community of first-time volunteers, learners, professionals, and everybody in between.

Worried about time commitment? No worries! Sharing just two hours of your time a month can create amazing impact in our communities.

Five Core FOTL Cohorts/Teams

Boards & Community Leadership
Business & Economic Opportunity
Elections & Voting
Osseo Educational Equity
Resources & Information


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