Business & Economic Opportunity

The face of the Northwest suburbs is changing profoundly, driven mainly by the rising population of communities of color. In fact, Brooklyn Center is now a minority-majority city. For people of color, especially immigrants and low-income residents, this rapid change is not matched by their increased access to economic opportunities, business development resources, and culturally-responsive career pathways to achieve self-sufficiency. Worse, there is no credible efforts to include underrepresented groups in the design of business and economic policies and strategies, especially given that they face persistent systemic barriers.

To help create an inclusive environment where economic opportunities are shared equitably, FOTL-BEO will:

      • Help build capacities of entrepreneurs of color to access the capital and the tools required to build assets and create wealth
      • Help connect entrepreneurs of color to existing resources and emerging opportunities
      • Identify and support a cohort of leaders and entrepreneurs to help shape an economy that is inclusive, fair, and equitable
      • Equip community leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders with data and stories to develop shared analyses and compelling narratives
      • Support—even convene—multi-cultural and cross-sector asset-building coalitions and initiatives
      • Engage policy-makers to embed tangible economic opportunities for businesses of color in the Bottineau Light rail (NW suburbs) Station Area planning process

7710 Brooklyn Blvd, Ste 206B
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443