Elections & Voting

The major demographic shift in the Northwest suburbs is driven by the rapid growth of communities of color, especially immigrants and low-income residents. But the nature, face, and voice of the decision-making power structures remain unchanged. Put simply, these communities remain underrepresented in both elected and critical decision-making positions relative to their proportion in the overall population. There is enough blame to go around, but the action required to create inclusive decision-making power structures rests with underrepresented communities.

“Our votes determine what kind of laws and policies we are able to create to make our lives and our future better,” Take Action MN.

To change this status quo, FOTL-EV will:

    • Build a communication platform to demystify the fears and anxieties associated with voting & elections
    • Identify and support a cohort of leaders to help increase and sustain the electoral participation of underrepresented groups
    • Improve framing and messaging connected to issues that matter to underrepresented communities
    • Develop a culturally-responsive voter education and registration campaign
    • Develop and implement culturally creative integrated GOTV (Get-out-the-vote) strategies

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