Five Safety Features of Lifted Trucks

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It all started around the 1970s when people started to modify Pickup trucks and a decade later, the massive structured trucks were produced with advanced features. These kinds of trucks are mainly used to pull other smaller trucks and mud bogging. Then later we know that Truck Dispatch Service mostly uses modified trucks which are called Lifted Trucks.

Many Trucks Dispatch business owner tends to modify their vehicles with bigger and taller wheels. Sadly, some of the truck owners modified their vehicles for aesthetic appeal rather than for their functions. This action is not only distasteful but also dangerous for the truck drivers and other drivers on the road.

Some Safety Features of Lifted Trucks

You can modify your trucks as an appeal for your Truck Dispatch Service business, as long as they still meet all the road requirements in your city and country. It is your biggest responsibility to drive a safe vehicle that will not danger yourself and other drivers. That is why, you have to keep paying attention to the safety features of your Lifted Trucks, no matter no much you modify them.

  1. The brakes

One of the most essential features of a vehicle is its brakes. As the wheels of your truck are taller and bigger than other kinds of rides, it is important to keep upgrading the brake system. The big size of wheels will increase the rotor sizes and the calliper so that you have to make sure the brake system no matter your truck is moving or not.

  1. The bumper

The second safety feature you have to pay attention to from your Lifted Truck is the height of the bumper. Lifted trucks are quite high and huge compared to other vehicles that are why the height of the bumper on Lifted trucks is mostly 20 inches taller than another bumper, especially car bumpers.

  1. The shock absorber

Lifted trucks have a huge size that needs an efficient braking system to avoid shock while braking. To make it safer for the driver, Mono Tube shocks with the reservoir cylinder must be attached. The shock absorber must be attached to the Lifted Trucks from one side to avoid dangerous damping because of the shocks.

  1. The driveshafts

Another safety feature that you need to make sure of on your Lifted Trucks is the drive shafts of pinion angle. The ideal measurement for this safety feature is around 2 up to ½ degrees. It is important to get the drive shafts of pinion angle with the right measurement, especially when the truck is being lifted.

  1. Mirrors and car cameras

You understand that Lifted Trucks are giant vehicles with a taller height compared to other vehicles. The high position of the drivers makes the drivers hard to see down and other shorter vehicles that are moving around the trucks. One and more ways to make the drivers easier to see a wider view, you can add extra mirrors or car cameras to give a wider view to the driver.

Driver Skill Improvement

The list before is some safety features of Lifted Trucks that drivers and truck owners must pay attention to keep the driving safe. Besides the safety features, the most important thing to keep the driving safe is the driver’s skill.

If you are running a Trucking business, you are responsible to be a good and licensed driver who understands the laws driving in your area. Instead of modifying your Lifted Trucks for aesthetic appeal, your driver skill and safety features of your Lifted Trucks are more important than that.

As Lifted Trucks are big, it is not easy to drive on a small road and even on a wide road. The driver skill is really important to keep your Truck Dispatch Service running well.