Osseo Education Equity

The data show that the academic achievement and school suspension gaps between white and students of color in the Osseo Area Schools (ISD 279) district are troubling. Although some ISD 279 leaders have worked to close those gaps, their actions have not produced the outcomes needed to change the status quo. Worse, not enough teachers and staff of color are hired and retained in the district. With more than 51 percent students of color, Osseo has only about five percent staff of color. Moreover, the voices of low-income, immigrants, and parents of color have never significantly shaped policies and practices that disproportionately affect their children.

To help foster a more equitable, culturally responsive, and inclusive learning environment where all students can thrive, FOTL-OEEP will:

    • Work to eliminate non-violent suspensions and help establish an equitable and fair alternative disciplinary policy
    • Fight for policies and practices that close the learning and cultural competency gaps
    • Push for systemic change that produces racial equity in hiring & retention practices
    • Develop and support a cohort of parent leaders to drive and sustain policy change
    • Help increase parental involvement in the academic and social well-being of their children

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