Resources & Information

What resources exist in our community? Where are those resources? How are those resources being accessed? How does the current state of resources speak to the policy priorities and investments of public institutions? Does the current structure of resources increase access or perpetuates disparities in the Northwest suburbs? Why placing useful information in mainstream media doesn’t help to close the information divide for our communities?

FOTL-RAI responds to those questions by employing these strategies:

    • Develop an initial inventory and map of community resources (pilot in five cities)
    • Solicit community input to inform the design and scope of the process
    • Capture and segment resource information into useful categories (health, jobs, etc.)
    • Centralized resource information for easy access
    • Use new data to help influence policies and practices that close disparities and improve access to resources and opportunities
    • Build a cultural communication infrastructure to help close information & digital gaps

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