Staking A Tree Makes Easy

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Planting trees can be fun if you have it as a hobby. Indeed, if you have a large area where you can plant any tree, then you will have many opportunities to explore it. In case of tree planting activities, staking trees is one of the most done treatments done to the trees.

When you have new trees, you will need to make sure it grows healthy and perfectly. One of the biggest enemies of the tree planters is the wind. As strong wind can ruin the tree growth, you might want to not get any worse impact from the wind.

What is Staking Tree Technique?

A new, young tree needs support once it is planted to the ground. The practice of staking trees is common around tree planters. It might be the most basic tree planting technique you need to excel before you plan to plant the trees.

The principles to make a good tree stake are:

  1. Anchor, meaning to make the tree anchored or stay in the place where it is planted. It means, you will be able to find a stable place where the trees will be planted.
  2. Support, as it is a young, new tree you need to support the growth of the tree. Many people use the fabric rope to support it. The tree’s growth will depend on the condition of its growth.
  3. Protect, as it might be still too fragile, you need to make sure it grows healthy and sturdy.

Easy Steps to Stake Trees

If you have understood the steps to stake the trees, you need to know the steps. Although there might be some techniques, we’ll give you the easiest, simplest method so you don’t have to worry about it.

  1. If you get the tree from the nursery, make sure you have removed the temporary staking materials, if any.
  2. Put the stakes parallelly one foot inside the soil. Remember to dive them outside the root ball.
  3. Place the trunk where it should be. See if it’s upright to make sure it’s placed properly.
  4. The tree should be attached to the stakes with ties. Choose soft and broad fabric. Remember, it must be flexible, too.
  5. Once the tree can stand upright without any support from the stakes, it’s time to remove the stakes!

Staking trees usually take up to a season. So, you need to remember in which season you stake the tree to see the result.

How to Stake the Trees Excellently

An excellent result of the tree staking is not an instant result. However, it is a result of practice for years. Once you excel in understanding the best method for placing the trees, choosing the tie materials, and do the techniques, you’re ready to be an expert.

If you want to get a deeper understanding about tree staking, then you can choose some of the best methods for it. Learn from the professionals, or simply watch the video on YouTube to know how tree staking works. Tree planting can be challenging, but it’s worth trying!