Too Much At Stake: Vote Today Tuesday Nov. 4

Too Much At Stake: Vote Today Tuesday Nov. 4

Election Day is finally here. Our voices, our votes really matter in these elections, especially in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center. We will never be taken seriously if we sit home and hope that policy makers and elected leaders would care about issues that are important to people of color, especially immigrants and low-income people. Let’s not fool ourselves! 


 It never has. It never will.


Let’s be clear—if we vote in large numbers TODAY, we’ll be sending the strongest and loudest message yet, that we are not invincible, that our voices matter, and that we are determined to build power to advance our agenda.


About a month ago, leaders of the African community in the Northwest suburbs, working through the Minnesota African Task Force Against Ebola (MATFAE) and AIS, agreed to increase the participation of African immigrants in this year’s election. While we are concerned about racial disparities in Minnesota, we are also interested in leaders who are ready to push the US government to increase relief aid to affected Ebola countries, to invest in drugs to cure Ebola, and to help build collapsed healthcare systems in those affected countries. 

As of today, we’ve knocked on more than 4,000 doors, blasted more than 10,000 emails, shot more than 9,000 text messages, and delivered more than 8,000 robocalls, dialed more than 2,000 numbers, and secured the commitment of more than 1,000 people to vote TODAY. 

All of our efforts will amount to nothing if you do nothing TODAY.

  • Need ride to the polls? No worries! Call 612-388-4767 | 763-639-3316 | 763-202-9696!
  • Got issues at the Polls, Call the Hotline: 1877-600-8683
  • Want to register at the polls to vote? Bring your state-issued ID!

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