Differences Between Typeface and Fonts

When you are writing an article or writing your thesis, there is one important thing you should consider, and that is fonts. Fonts are the type of alphabetical style that you want to use in your documents, and there is typeface too. In this article, we would show you the difference between typeface and fonts, and show you some of the best signature fonts to use for each document.

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Differences between Typeface and Fonts

Most people think that Typeface is the same as fonts, and both of them are synonymous, however, they are two different things. Now, we are going to explain to you the differences between typeface and fonts, and also explain the best way to implement both of them.

Typeface refers to a particular style of document lettering, while a font refers to variations and the typeface of the alphabets or numbers it uses, like the size and weight of each alphabet. The simple way to understand these two is that a typeface is generally a set of fonts with common same aesthetic qualities, like size, styling, and weight for each alphabet.

Description of Typeface

Most of the time, when people refer to fonts, they actually refer to typeface, but the title is stuck, and people still call it with font, like with the Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica, so they are not a font, but typeface. For the sake of simplicity, many people however still referring this as a font.

The typeface is essentially the design features for each font, with a particular weight, height, and style of each lettering, down to alphabets and numbering. Other things such as the serif, height, width, and aesthetic embellishment are also aspects of the typeface.

Fonts Description

Fonts in themselves are a specific way of defining what kind of text you use, and the styling you use for the lettering. The font is specific, which means the size, and weight of the typeface is the font in general. There are also several different variations, and types of fonts, with some of the best signature fonts for specific use.

Generally speaking, fonts vary from the typeface, as it is a more specific use for size, weight, width, italics, bolds, and many other factors.

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6 Simple Ways to Become Irresistibly Attractive

Today we are going to tell you how to become irresistibly attractive with 12 simple tips that you might like to know. For those who might have problems with their looks, we might have a simple solution to crack your problem without having to spend lots of time and money.

We can make you have very different looks by only using an undercut hair as your main hairstyle. So, if you are the person who happens to have this kind of problem, you might like to read this article.

Simple Tips to Unleash your Inner Beauty

Having a good look for men is important. But, of course, many of them think, to have that kind of look, they need to spend lots of money. You can bring new different looks to yourself, without having to spend lots of money and time.

We are going to tell you about 6 undercut hair that you might like and maybe can be a solution for you who wants to have different looks in a very simple way.

Having good looks on you could help you to change people’s perspective on you and also could be something that might help you when you looking for a job or when you apply for your job application. That’s why having a good look is very important in every way.

For you might want to know how you can have very good looks without having to spend lots of time, you need to read this article, because we have 6 tips for a haircut that you might like and it could be something that you can try on you to unleash your inner beauty.

Well, enough about the chit-chat, you can find one of the best haircuts that suit you in the following tips below. Read very carefully and you might be able to find what are you looking for.

6 Choices of Haircut you Need to Know

If you want to look way more attractive, there are many things that you can do and of course, changing your hairstyle is one of the best options that you might like. Changing the haircut is the simplest way to bring up the new attractive looks on you.

But, of course, to make it happen you need to find the perfect hairstyle or haircut. We might have the 6 best choices of haircuts that you can choose. Here are the 6 best choices of haircuts that you can choose.

  1. Undercut with Line Accent

This hairstyle focuses on the top. Then on the side is given the effect of a longitudinal line at the top or even the bottom. This line accent will give you a contemporary impression and add some masculine elements.

  1. Undercut Men’s Haircut with Faux Hawk

The faux hawk model will show you the top hair that tappers upwards. A medium cut will be enough to give your hair a macho impression. To maximize this kind of hairstyle, you must use pomade to make it look neater. In addition, the pomade will help you to maintain the shape a little bit longer.

  1. Undercut with Medium Hair Length

The medium-length hair made in this undercut combination model will give a thick and neat impression. You need to use hairspray to make it easier to style, last longer, and look less greasy.

  1. Undercut on Colored Hair

This model can be combined with various colors. You can explore any hair colors that can fit you. You can start with platinum blonde, pink, maple red, and anything.

  1. Man Bun with Undercut

You can try this style combination. The style is usually used by famous soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or even Bale. This hairstyle will give a cool impression and also an appearance.

  1. Undercut on Curly Hair

Curly hair is very suitable to be styled using an undercut model. With the character of expanding curls, it will look neater and deflated with this hairstyle. So you will look more macho and attractive by using this undercut style

Those are the best and simple 6 hairstyles that you might like and also capable to bring new looks to yourself without having to do many things that may waste your time. Those are the 6 undercut hair that could bring attractive looks to yourself.

If you still looking for the best undercut hair you can choose one of those 6 haircut styles that might be perfect for you and you also need to know if you want to find the perfect one you need to choose the one that could perfectly fit with your head shape.

Production, Refining, and Distribution of Palm Oil

Indonesia is a country that produces the largest palm oil in the world. Even palm oil from Indonesia can meet the needs of various industrial sectors around the world.

No wonder the number of palm oil exports to foreign countries continues to grow. Because palm oil dominates several important industries and palm oil made in Indonesia is one of the best.

There is so many palm oil mill in Indonesia in Indonesia. Such as in Palembang, Riau, North Kalimantan, North Sumatra and surrounding areas. No wonder Indonesia can produce millions of tons of palm oil every year.

Palm oil is a raw material that has many uses. Starting from food raw materials, toothpaste, cosmetics, shampoo, and biodiesel.

But do you know how the process of making palm oil is until the distribution process?

Palm Oil Production Process and Distribution

The beginning of palm oil production starts from oil palm seeds. So oil palm plants have a productive period of 25 to 30 years. This is why seed selection is a determining factor for palm oil quality.

Seeds planted in nurseries will go through an intensive maintenance process for 8 months during their growth period. After that, the seeds are transferred to the garden.

The following is the process of producing palm oil:

  • Factory Process

Previously, oil palm seeds had to go through a process in the nursery area for up to 12 months. After that, it was transferred to an oil palm plantation.

If it has passed 30 months, then the palm oil plant is ready to be harvested. Palm oil mill in Indonesia use tools that have been sterilized for the process of making coconut oil.

First, oil palm trees must go through a threshing process, namely cutting the fruit containing the fruit and releasing it from the bunch trunk. After that, the factory sterilizes the bunches by using high temperatures so that the fruit can be released.

After the fruit is released from the shell, then the oil palm fruit will be squeezed to take crude palm oil (CPO). Meanwhile, the palm kernels will be cracked and the kernels squeezed to extract palm kernel oil (PKO).

This process uses a pressing machine with high pressure to produce oil from palm fruit. After that, the resulting oil will go through a process of oil extraction and drying.

  • Refinery

After the fruit is extracted, the oil will then go through a process of refining. Oil palm fruit will be processed into two main products, namely CPO which is extracted from the pulp, and PKO which is extracted from hard seeds.

The fruit will go through a pressing process so that the CPO can come out and the oil will be filtered and purified to be free from contamination.

After that, the CPO will be transferred to a processing plant where it can be processed into vegetable oil, oleochemicals used in detergents, biodiesel, and lauric acid used in cosmetics.

Palm oil mill in Indonesia will process CPO into the main raw material for several products that are often used by humans. Meanwhile, to produce PKO, the oil produced from crushed seeds will go through a refining process and be made into medicinal and cosmetic products.

  • Distribution

Oil already stored in refineries will be distributed worldwide. This distribution process must also use tools that have been sterilized so that palm oil is not contaminated.

In making palm oil, palm oil mill in Indonesia use high temperatures to produce clear oil. So it is very important to cleanliness during the distribution process.

Because palm oil is the main ingredient in food that should be clean and safe for consumption.

4 Most Common Mistakes When Buying a New Motorcycle

When you decide to buy a new motorbike, it turns out that there are many things that we must pay attention to. Because many mistakes are made by new motorcycle buyers when buying a motorcycle.

For example, you want to have a Honda grom sidecar but the roads or the area where you live do not support this vehicle. Of course, this is a mistake you make when buying a new motorbike.

Mistakes When Buying a New Motorcycle

Here are some mistakes that are often made by new motorcycle buyers:

  1. Ignoring Your Skills

This is most often done by new buyers. Because they see people around them using good motorbikes, we also want to have them.

Moreover, there are many choices of motorbikes that have high specifications and must be driven with high skill. Often, we prefer style to buy a motorbike according to our expertise.

If you have a dream motorbike, there’s nothing wrong with buying it. But you must first improve your skills when driving it.

  1. Unsuitable Specifications

The next mistake that is most often made is buying a motorbike without looking at the specifications just because you want to imitate someone else’s motorbike. When buying a motorbike, we must see whether the specifications of the motorbike are following our expertise, the streets where we live and others.

For example, you want to buy a Honda grom sidecar but the roads in your area don’t support it, then this is a mistake you made.

If you want to buy a grom sidecar, you need to live in an area that has good roads and safe terrain. Because you can bring your favorite animal or friend to sit next to your motorbike.

  1. Don’t Try the Vehicle When You First Buy It

Even if you buy a used motorbike, it would be better if you try it first. Or if you buy it at a dealer, you can try to ride it.

The purpose of trying it the first time is to adjust to your body. Often, we buy a motorcycle but our bodies are not comfortable.

Also check if you can reach the clutch, brake, or other. Also, pay attention to the riding position whether you are comfortable or not.

Don’t be too excited to buy a motorbike that you don’t feel comfortable using while riding. Because driving comfort is the main key to safety.

  1. Not Knowing How to Care

Maintenance is something that is often overlooked when buying a new motorbike. Even though you can ask the salesperson regarding the maintenance of the motorbike you are going to buy.

If you don’t know how to take care of your motorbike, then you will have a lot of problems. For example, you buy a Honda grom sidecar but you don’t ask how it is maintained.

Then there can be many problems such as brakes, seats and other things that need attention. This mistake is most often made because you feel you can take care of your vehicle.

Five Safety Features of Lifted Trucks

It all started around the 1970s when people started to modify Pickup trucks and a decade later, the massive structured trucks were produced with advanced features. These kinds of trucks are mainly used to pull other smaller trucks and mud bogging. Then later we know that Truck Dispatch Service mostly uses modified trucks which are called Lifted Trucks.

Many Trucks Dispatch business owner tends to modify their vehicles with bigger and taller wheels. Sadly, some of the truck owners modified their vehicles for aesthetic appeal rather than for their functions. This action is not only distasteful but also dangerous for the truck drivers and other drivers on the road.

Some Safety Features of Lifted Trucks

You can modify your trucks as an appeal for your Truck Dispatch Service business, as long as they still meet all the road requirements in your city and country. It is your biggest responsibility to drive a safe vehicle that will not danger yourself and other drivers. That is why, you have to keep paying attention to the safety features of your Lifted Trucks, no matter no much you modify them.

  1. The brakes

One of the most essential features of a vehicle is its brakes. As the wheels of your truck are taller and bigger than other kinds of rides, it is important to keep upgrading the brake system. The big size of wheels will increase the rotor sizes and the calliper so that you have to make sure the brake system no matter your truck is moving or not.

  1. The bumper

The second safety feature you have to pay attention to from your Lifted Truck is the height of the bumper. Lifted trucks are quite high and huge compared to other vehicles that are why the height of the bumper on Lifted trucks is mostly 20 inches taller than another bumper, especially car bumpers.

  1. The shock absorber

Lifted trucks have a huge size that needs an efficient braking system to avoid shock while braking. To make it safer for the driver, Mono Tube shocks with the reservoir cylinder must be attached. The shock absorber must be attached to the Lifted Trucks from one side to avoid dangerous damping because of the shocks.

  1. The driveshafts

Another safety feature that you need to make sure of on your Lifted Trucks is the drive shafts of pinion angle. The ideal measurement for this safety feature is around 2 up to ½ degrees. It is important to get the drive shafts of pinion angle with the right measurement, especially when the truck is being lifted.

  1. Mirrors and car cameras

You understand that Lifted Trucks are giant vehicles with a taller height compared to other vehicles. The high position of the drivers makes the drivers hard to see down and other shorter vehicles that are moving around the trucks. One and more ways to make the drivers easier to see a wider view, you can add extra mirrors or car cameras to give a wider view to the driver.

Driver Skill Improvement

The list before is some safety features of Lifted Trucks that drivers and truck owners must pay attention to keep the driving safe. Besides the safety features, the most important thing to keep the driving safe is the driver’s skill.

If you are running a Trucking business, you are responsible to be a good and licensed driver who understands the laws driving in your area. Instead of modifying your Lifted Trucks for aesthetic appeal, your driver skill and safety features of your Lifted Trucks are more important than that.

As Lifted Trucks are big, it is not easy to drive on a small road and even on a wide road. The driver skill is really important to keep your Truck Dispatch Service running well.

How To Choose an Oil Filtration System That Suit The Best For You

Oil filtration is an important part of the industrial world, especially the oil industry Best Parker Distributor Indonesia. Although it is said to be important, oil infiltration is often underestimated and underestimated. Unknowingly, many oil industries suffer massive losses simply because they do not pay attention to the oil filtration system.

How To Choose an Oil Filtration System?

Some special criteria need to be taken into account in choosing a good filtration system. Even though the filtration system owned by company A is running smoothly, it may not necessarily be applied to company B. Therefore, we need to choose a good filtration system for the company, here are things to consider in choosing a good filtration system.

  1. Operating temperature

One of the first factors to consider when choosing a good oil filtration is the operating temperature. As we know the oil industry uses very high temperatures. So that the oil is protected from disturbing microbes, please use clear oil, not oil with a lot of impurities.

Squeezing the Oil from the fruit also requires using high temperatures to soften it and kill the enzymes. So that the entire oil processing process from start to finish uses high temperatures. Therefore we need to choose an oil filtration system that can withstand temperatures commonly used in a company. For example, if an oil refinery reaches a temperature of 150 F, the filtration system used must be able to withstand that temperature or hold a higher temperature it will be better.

  1. Flow rate

The rate in the oil industry especially infiltration systems means the amount of oil flowing per unit time through the filtration system. Before buying and choosing a filtration system for your company, you need to know the flow rate of the filtration. If the flow rate is too slow it will result in a buildup of residue.

The buildup of residue that occurs will certainly be detrimental, one of which is the residue that accumulates can go to the filtered oil, then the accumulated residue can also cause the filtration system to collapse. Therefore you need to determine the filtration with a flow rate that suits your company.

  1. Appropriate technology

Next, there is a technological factor, the right technology makes oil processing, especially in oil filtration, better. Although modern technology is always better among you still have to adapt it to the circumstances of your company. You must choose the most suitable penology used in oil processing in your company.

The technology in oil filtration Best Parker Distributor Indonesia focuses solely on removing the varnish content. In the oil industry, the varnish is an undesirable part of pure oils. If the pure oil produced can contain oil varnish, it can even be said to be not good and have low selling power. Therefore some technologies make varnish removal so that the varnish does not mix into the pure oil. But in some cases, the selection of the wrong technology in your company’s work system will make the varnish get into the oil.

The three factors above are the most important in choosing a good filtration system for your company Best Parker Distributor Indonesia. So that you can produce pure and highly marketable oil. Be careful not to be tempted by cheap products but you regret it, it’s okay to spend more money to get satisfactory results.

Staking A Tree Makes Easy

Planting trees can be fun if you have it as a hobby. Indeed, if you have a large area where you can plant any tree, then you will have many opportunities to explore it. In case of tree planting activities, staking trees is one of the most done treatments done to the trees.

When you have new trees, you will need to make sure it grows healthy and perfectly. One of the biggest enemies of the tree planters is the wind. As strong wind can ruin the tree growth, you might want to not get any worse impact from the wind.

What is Staking Tree Technique?

A new, young tree needs support once it is planted to the ground. The practice of staking trees is common around tree planters. It might be the most basic tree planting technique you need to excel before you plan to plant the trees.

The principles to make a good tree stake are:

  1. Anchor, meaning to make the tree anchored or stay in the place where it is planted. It means, you will be able to find a stable place where the trees will be planted.
  2. Support, as it is a young, new tree you need to support the growth of the tree. Many people use the fabric rope to support it. The tree’s growth will depend on the condition of its growth.
  3. Protect, as it might be still too fragile, you need to make sure it grows healthy and sturdy.

Easy Steps to Stake Trees

If you have understood the steps to stake the trees, you need to know the steps. Although there might be some techniques, we’ll give you the easiest, simplest method so you don’t have to worry about it.

  1. If you get the tree from the nursery, make sure you have removed the temporary staking materials, if any.
  2. Put the stakes parallelly one foot inside the soil. Remember to dive them outside the root ball.
  3. Place the trunk where it should be. See if it’s upright to make sure it’s placed properly.
  4. The tree should be attached to the stakes with ties. Choose soft and broad fabric. Remember, it must be flexible, too.
  5. Once the tree can stand upright without any support from the stakes, it’s time to remove the stakes!

Staking trees usually take up to a season. So, you need to remember in which season you stake the tree to see the result.

How to Stake the Trees Excellently

An excellent result of the tree staking is not an instant result. However, it is a result of practice for years. Once you excel in understanding the best method for placing the trees, choosing the tie materials, and do the techniques, you’re ready to be an expert.

If you want to get a deeper understanding about tree staking, then you can choose some of the best methods for it. Learn from the professionals, or simply watch the video on YouTube to know how tree staking works. Tree planting can be challenging, but it’s worth trying!

Five Steps to Picking the Perfect Scooter for You

Are you looking for a scooter for your daily ride? Well, if you looking for it, there are many steps that you must know before you decide which scooter that you might buy in the future. We will give you a few steps in picking the perfect scooter for you.

If you are looking for the best, you might like to check the Honda Monkey Sidecar. This is as far the best thing that you can ride, especially if you are looking for something that can give you a smooth and comfortable ride every day.

Tips to Picking the Perfect Scooter

In choosing your daily ride, you need to do it very carefully, because if you do a little mistake, it will lead you to find something that bad for you. Maybe, we can help you in picking perfect scooter that you might like.

In this article today, we have few tips that you can use as guidance to find the perfect scooter that you might like. Every step that we will tell you is very important, and that’s why you need to know everything to make sure, you are capable to find the right scooter for you.

Or, you can choose the Honda Monkey Sidecar which by far, is the most famous Honda vehicle in the market. We have five steps that you need to do, to find the perfect choice of the scooter that you want to buy.

All the steps are very important for you to follow. Make sure you follow all the steps in perfect order, to help you find the best that is suitable for your daily lives. What we are going to tell you is about choosing the right partner that will be able to help you in your daily routine.

Well, let’s make this simple and easy. For those of you who looking for a scooter, this might be the best information that we can share with you right now.

Five Simple Steps in Choosing the Perfect Scooter

We have like five steps that you need to follow very carefully. All of the steps are the crucial things that you need to do before you decide to buy a scooter. Of course, you always want the best and perfect partner that can give you a hand in every situation.

That’s why you must follow all of the steps very carefully and you must focus to do it.

  1. You must know about the actual price of the scooter that you wanna buy. This would help you in selecting which scooter fits your budget.
  2. Find the scooter design that’s fit your style. So, you will get the best scooter that can be able to bring new different looks to you.
  3. Find the scooter that came from good manufactured, because with that you can get the scooter which will last longer, and also it will have a good after-sales.
  4. Make sure, you also get the receipt for future problem that might occur after the purchase.
  5. Choose a scooter that has modern features and safety.

Those are the five steps that will help you in finding the best scooter in the world. Or simply you can just choose the Honda Monkey Sidecar. Well, that’s what we have for today. Hopefully, this can be helpful for you.

Popular Home Improvements Ideas

The house is a very important place for a family to serve as their place of residence to shelter from various weather. Especially now that over time the model of a house has also increased from various variations.

That’s why today many people are looking for free remodeling contract template word services to make an agreement when they want to renovate or improve their home. Because over time it turns out that the model of the house will also be increasingly outdated if it is not updated.

Many people already have the desire to try improving or renovating their homes. But until now they still feel confused because they do not know how the concept should be taken.

If you feel confused, we recommend reading the following reviews about some popular home improvements. So that this reference can be used as an option or your choice in choosing the concept of home renovation.

Floor and Ceiling

Among the many proofs of the concept of home renovation, most people will consider the floor and ceiling of their house to be renovated. This is because the floor and ceiling are the parts that are most prone to dirt, so if they look dirty they will lose their aesthetic value.

So the majority of homeowners today do renovations on the floor and ceiling to make it look new and make the room look clean.

There have been so many improvements made as before, most people used carpets but now use wood floors that are coated with a coating.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are one of the most striking objects in a house on the exterior. That’s why most homeowners today carry out renovations on these parts to add aesthetic value to their homes.

Most homeowners today prefer to replace their previous wooden doors with glass doors so that they look more futuristic. That’s why they need a free remodeling contract template word to realize the Home improvement.


The roof is one of the most important parts of the house because it will be the main protection from sun exposure and other expenses of weather. Today’s homeowners must renovate or renovate them to keep them strong and beautiful.

Because over time the roofs of the houses will lose their visual quality because they are constantly exposed to extreme weather. Do not be surprised if roofing became one of the most expensive renovation projects in America some time ago.

Home Appliances

One of the popular home improvements currently being carried out by the majority of homeowners today is to renovate their home appliances. Home appliances play an important role to make the house can do things easily.

If the function of household appliances is disturbed, especially in the kitchen, it will certainly hamper their activities. So, it is natural that home appliances are included in one of the popular home improvement objects almost all over the world.

That’s about a handful of information about some popular home improvements that are currently being carried out by homeowners.

If you are still confused about what needs to be renovated, try to draw some of the references above. Don’t forget to find a free remodeling contract template word so that the renovation process can run smoothly.

Start Earning Fast Money Through Forex Trading

Having additional income when we are at home can be done by trading. While one type of trading that can be tried with quick profits is forex trading. This trading can be a suitable solution for investment needs. Even so, we really need to know more about forex best signals and forex trading. So that in the future, we can get profits more quickly and easily from forex trading.

Why Should You Choose Forex Trading?

Many people think forex trading is quite difficult. This trading is considered by many people to need modern tools in order to make big profits. Even though the computer used for forex trading does not have to be too expensive. We do not have to also master statistics or mathematics. Understanding these sciences including politics and economics is only an additional preparation to make forex trading smoother. Because in forex trading, we have to read the chart, then use trading indicators. The complicated thing is not trading, but we ourselves sometimes make trading difficult.

Some Tips To Earn Profits From Forex Trading

For those of you who are planning to try the forex business, below are some tips for undergoing forex trading so that you can benefit from trading.

Choose An Official Broker

We need to choose a broker that suits your needs and a trusted broker. Nowadays, it is getting easier for us to find forex brokers, both local and from abroad. However, there are also fake forex trading brokers, they do not have a clear office or legality. We must ensure that the chosen forex best signals broker is regulated by the government. Usually, the brokers who most often promote via the internet are brokers with unclear credibility. In order to minimize mistakes in choosing a broker, you can try to find complete information about the legality and regulations of a clear forex trading broker.

Choose The Type Of Trading Account According To Your Needs

Each broker has an account type that is offered to all potential customers. Each type of trading account has its own advantages. Therefore, it is better for you to choose an account according to your needs, transaction style, and your own goals in forex trading. For example, there are trading accounts that have an advantage in the level of leverage due to their large value.

With this account, you have better preparation to engage in the forex market. Such an account is perfect for those who are day traders. If you are used to trading forex with scalping techniques or short trading, then choose another account that is more suitable. For example, accounts with low spreads. If you use such a trading account, then you can reach profit and BEP faster.

Prepare A Trading Plan

When we decide to trade forex, we must ensure a good forex trading plan. Starting from making trading decisions, what risks we can accept, forex best signals to set the funds to be used. Everything must be in the trading plan. That’s all, hopefully useful for you.

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