How to Avoid Trucks Blind Spot

Many people assume that because of the higher cabin, the truck driver will have a higher vision, meaning that they can see much better than car drivers, however, this is incorrect, as truck drivers have a lot of blind spots on their trucks, and these blind spots can be dangerous. A larger body also comes with larger blind spots for their trucks.

This article will show you how to avoid trucks’ blind spots, and generally become much safer when encountering large trucks like the 18-wheeler. This article will also guide truck dispatcher for safety purposes, reminding the truck drivers of their blind spots and being extra careful when driving on the highway.

How to Avoid Trucks Blind Spots, Understand Blind Spots of Trucks

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The bigger size of the trucks means they have a bigger and wider blind spot that drivers couldn’t see. When driving and you meet with big trucks, you would need to avoid these blind spots as much as you can. You need to understand, that in these blind spots, truck drivers couldn’t see your car, and therefore can become unaware of you.

  • Sides of the trucks

When driving, especially with smaller cars or motorcycles, you need to try to avoid the side of the trucks, especially with higher cabin trucks such as 18-wheelers. The side of the cabin and some of the side of the freight is blind spots.

If you try to cut off the truck from the side, then you would need to make sure you announce your presence, either by blowing your car horn or blinking your headlight.

  • Back and front of the trucks

The back of the truck is the entire blind spot, and also one of the most dangerous blind spots since truck drivers can’t see your entire car. The back of the truck is dangerous, so you would need to watch, and observe the truck’s backlights properly, watch if the truck would pull a brake, would turn, and so on.

When driving in the front of the trucks, you would need to add some distance between your car and the truck, because if you are in the front directly or too close, it is also a blind spot that you should avoid.

What You Need to Do When Facing with Truck Blind Spot

Blindspot knowledge is essential for every truck driver, and road user too, so when truck dispatcher trains their new truck drivers, it is essential to also include knowledge on how to properly avoid truck blind spots. This is for safety purposes for both trucks, and other road users.

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